Gatherings are a time and space to honor our life rhythms,  get grounded in the awareness with where we are currently in our lives, inspire us to live in alignment with our truest and highest self, and most importantly.. connect with other people! We come together to connect and grow our collective conscious energy.

I hold a few types of gatherings consistently:

New Moon: The new moon is where we will collectively ground, and ask for what it is that we desire to bring in to our life. This is a brave, open time. It is often said that the new moon is when we should "plant seeds" for our future. After discussion, space for creating, asking, and declaring, I will lead a guided meditation that allows us the opportunity to step into the realm where our passions, goals, and desires are real and active!

Full Moon: The full moon is where we will get raw and real. It's common to call this the time of destruction and letting go. Creating space. These gatherings will challenge the superficial layer of the mind where we say everything "fine," and "ok," and truly dig deep. It is through these moments of realness that we can see what has not or is no longer working. We can more clearly see the belief patterns we are carrying and holding as true that may be disabling the life we strive so strongly to live. This time of the full moon can be a very chaotic and emotional time in our cycles, and we will handle our emotions and thoughts with love, care, and awareness. 

Tea, Talks, and Meditation: Ok, Tea is optional and you are welcome to opt for coffee - if you drink it mindfully. This gathering is purely a open space where I will prompt the group with a series of questions meant to awaken your awareness for where you are at emotionally, mentally, and physically. To challenge you to look beyond the comfort of playing small in various areas of your life. Some gatherings may have a specific focus, others will be more open and shaped to the group in the moment. The session will end with a brief meditation to get you re grounded into your body, clear, and inspired to take small actions that will allow you to feel the way you want to feel in your life.